The Florence Summer program offers an opportunity to participate in intensive four week Summer Courses in Alternative and Photo Transfer Methods in the historic setting of Florence, Italy. It provides a unique studio work experience wherein the participants can record and render their impressions surrounded by the remains of the Renaissance and the energy of the Twentieth Century. The study of art history before the monuments of Western Civilization from the Roman through the Renaissance and into the Twentieth Century is superior to any slide show. Classes will be in English and taught by instructor Anna Tomczak. 

ArtHaus was able to offer two scholarships for local students Lauren Courtney Norman and David Loyd to experience Italy and work as assistants to artist Anna Tomczak.  Photos from there experience will be held by ArtHaus in its permanent collection and will travel as an exhibit in Volusia Schools.  The Foundation's aim is to use the exhibition as an interdisciplinary teaching tool.  Thank you to all patrons that made program a reality.

For additional information on how you can travel to Italy next summer email Anna Tomczak at

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